MAXDoor at Your Chemical Facility-It’s Just Good Chemistry!

There is no doubt that the chemical industry has its share of challenges.  One obstacle can be easily overcome – finding the best industrial door to meet the tough demands at your chemical facility.  MAXDoor – a vertical lift fabric door is the answer. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this durable door stands up in the toughest environments.

Chemical industries today are worth billions of dollars and having the right industrial door – a MAXDoor – in place at the facility site will ensure a smooth and cost-effective daily operation.

MAXDoors at Chemical Facilities

Key Reasons for installing a vertical lift fabric MAXDoor at your chemical facility:

  • MAXDoor can be custom designed for a maintained wind load of up to 150 m.p.h.  By design MAXDoor uses a variety of beam spacing and material to provide a wind load to match the environment.
  • MAXDoors – Made in the USA – can save your chemical facility as much as 50% on utility costs.  Heat loss at a door opening can be significant.  Our vertical lift fabric doors will reduce operating and facility costs at your site.
  • MAXDoor is a tough door for tough environments.  In today’s fast paced environment, when a collision occurs the MAXDoor dual layer fabric design offers many advantages.  When the door is hit, traveling horizontal beams are designed to flex and give way.  No need to call the local door service company! With a MAXDoor, simply put the beams back into the door guides.  This easy fix eliminates costly door repairs and production downtime.
  • Experience significant savings without sacrificing safety.  MAXDoor safety features are above door industry standards.  The lifting belt and horizontal beam design have proven to minimize safety issues in real life collisions with lift trucks and industrial articulating trucks.
  • The service life of a MAXDoor is 20-25 years and up to 5 times stronger than rolling steel doors.

For more information on how a MAXDoor can help maximize efficiency and safety at your facility contact us.