Highly Rated and Affordable Vertical Lift Fabric Doors

Enhancing Dependability, Energy Efficiency, Safety and Service Life

Why Vertical Lift Fabric MAXDoors are becoming the preferred industrial door for a diverse range of industries including warehouses, distribution centers, repair shops, fire stations, loading docks, agricultural facilities, manufacturing facilities, automotive facilities, shipyards, hangars, and aerospace:

Wind Load

Our doors can be designed and built for a maintained wind load of up to 150 m.p.h. The higher the wind load, the more robust and heavy duty the door components.


MAXDoors put a minimal amount of additional load onto the building and are designed to be installed on the interior or exterior side of a wall.

Minimal Service Calls

Collisions happen but with MAXDoor the repair is fast and simple due to the durable parts and flexible design.  There are no springs on the door.  Our door has a 4” or 6” thick traveling fabric panel. The door guides are free of Lifting belts or devices that get trapped in the door guides. If MAXDoor is knocked out of the door guides, simply place the horizontal beams back in position and the door is operational.

Strength and Speed

MAXDoors are stronger and less expensive than large rolling steel or rubber doors and operate at a higher speed.  The door guides are made of steel angle. The Side Frame Steel normally an option with other manufactures is included and standard on MAXDOORS.  The door is designed for high cycle applications (hundreds of cycles per day).  Aluminum Rectangle Tube horizontal beams provide the highest wind load resistance.  Additional strength is provided by using high strength Aluminum Rectangle Tubes that do not twist under load like other extruded beams.

Affordable with a Long Service Life

With a 20-25-year service life, and low annual maintenance cost, MAXDoor is a great return on your investment.

Energy Conservation

With a dual layer 4- 6 inch deep curtain a weather seal is provided on the interior and exterior sides of the door guides. With the fabric overlapping the door guides by almost 2” per guide there is very little leakage at the door guides. When the wind blows the weather seal gets tighter. The material is all one piece so when the door is closed there are no seams or joints for the wind to penetrate the door panel.  At the bottom of the door there is a large 1/8” thick EPDM Rubber seal to keep the weather and rain out. Our 3-piece bottom weather seal design minimizes tearing and is easy to replace small sections.


Safety on MAXDOOR is number ONE! Our doors use multiple Lifting belts (minimum 4) to make sure a door does not come down should a belt break. We do not rely on a mechanical device in the door guides to hopefully work when the one and only belt breaks. The door is protected by an over travel limit switch and a manual maintenance switch in the head member. Industrial Thru-beam Photo-eyes are provided for additional safety. Maintained contact close push button operation is standard on all doors. A wireless reversing edge is standard on all doors. The Wall Mount Control Panel is provided with a lockable fused rotary disconnect.

Made in the USA

MAXDoors are made in the USA.  Contact us to speak with our team about the right door for your particular application or call us directly at 877-436-0302.