Steel Mills Need Strong and Dependable Industrial Doors

Doors for Steel Mills

The steel industry has evolved by leaps and bounds.  All aspects of construction and manufacturing today would come to a standstill if steel production should suffer in any way.  Dependable industrial size doors on steel mills are critical to production. Budgets demand doors with Low Operating and Maintenance Cost. MAXDoor is an American company that has been manufacturing Vertical Lift Fabric Doors for the Steel and Mining Industry for years. MAXDOOR is a cost- effective solution for door openings in the tough steel industry environment.

Strong and durable industrial doors, MAXDoors, are needed at steel factories to protect materials and workers from harsh environments both inside and outside of the facilities.  MAXDoors are designed to be installed on the interior or exterior side of a wall and can be self-supporting resulting in no additional load on a building structure.

Let’s see why MAXDoor is the ideal solution for your steel factory, plant or warehouse.

  • Today the manufacturing process of steel is extremely energy-efficient so having the right industrial door at the entrance can reduce costs as much as 50%.  With a MAXDoor, you have a strong, durable and energy efficient door at the door opening that provides excellent environment separation. The MAXDOOR control panel can be designed to minimize the amount of heat or cooling air loss at the door opening.
  • MAXDoors are vertical lift fabric doors that are designed and built for a high wind load resistance.  A variety of beam sizes, spacing and material guarantees maximum strength in the harshest of environments.
  • MAXDoors maintain their strength in small (10 FT) and very large (up to 100 FT) wide door openings.  Structural steel components provide superior overall strength, and the horizontal beam design proves to be significantly stronger than the competitors.
  • MAXDoors are low maintenance and improve safety at the door opening.  A malfunctioning door can be a catastrophe at a steel processing factory resulting in expensive downtime. When collisions occur at the door site, the MAXDoor traveling horizontal beams are designed to flex and give way when hit.  The horizontal beams are easily put back into the door guides resulting in minimal downtime and expensive door repairs.   Eliminating expensive door repairs and downtime result in significant cost savings.
  • Safety is always first and foremost at the steel mill and with MAXDoor.  The multiple lifting belt and horizontal beam design greatly improves safety when real life collisions occur.

MAXDoor provides many options:

  • Automatic or System Integrated Controls
  • Collision Avoidance Controls for High Traffic
  • Light Communication for Rail Door Opens
  • Manual door for locations with limited or no power
  • Multiple Fabric choices; Tough Cut, High or Low Temperature
  • Variety of cycle operations

MAXDoors are made in the USA.  To achieve the maximum for your door investment, contact us today to engineer your industrial door solution.