Installing a MAXDOOR = YUGE Savings on Service Calls

The high cost of service calls for industrial and commercial doors can add up quickly.  Door service and installation companies typically charge a high profit margin on parts and labor. The upside is that it enables these companies to grow and have a successful business. The down side is that they generally will not recommend a high-quality door like MAXDOOR.

MAXDOORS require very little maintenance and when they are mistakenly hit they often pop out the door guides without any damage to the door. Although hitting any door with a lift truck or other vehicle should never be acceptable, it does happen.  The important thing is that no one gets hurt and hopefully the door doesn’t get damaged.

Tough Stories…By Industrial Doors

MAXDOORS have been hit by lift trucks and large trucks used in the mining industry on several occasions.  On each occasion the MAXDOOR was knocked completely out of the door guides, but not a single part was required to repair the MAXDOOR.  Instead, the solution was to simply put the MAXDOOR back into the door guide where it could be back in operation in just minutes.  With a long history offering Vertical Lift Fabric doors, MAXDOOR is THE only door with this type of capability because of its durable parts and flexible design.

Ask Your Door Service Company About MAXDOOR

Your industrial door service company may not know about MAXDOOR, or, you may have to ask them what they know about us.  By installing a MAXDOOR at your facility you will be purchasing a door that will contribute to minimizing annual maintenance costs.  Our customers that have facilities with high usage of their industrial doors have notice significant savings that have enabled them to purchase additional doors and further reduce maintenance costs.  With MAXDOORS installed you will be calling your door service company to provide planned maintenance instead of emergency repairs!

9 Ways MAXDOOR Saves You Money

  1. MAXDoors simple design ensures minimum operation and maintenance cost.
  2. MAXDOOR has a 4” or 6” thick traveling fabric panel that does not have any belts, components or devices that are trapped in the door guides.
  3. Depending on the door size, collision repair typically costs $1,000.00 to $50,000.
  4. Should a collision occur the traveling fabric door panel is free to break away from the door guides.
  5. Head member and side frame/guides utilize common structural U.S. steel components providing superior overall strength.
  6. Horizontal beams manufactured from structural steel or aluminum provide the highest wind load resistance.
  7. An optional weight counter balance reduces wear and tear of the operator and lowers maintenance.
  8. 2 Year Warranty with optional extended warranty.
  9. U.S. components utilized – readily available when needed.

It’s Time To Get Tough…It’s Time For MAXDOOR

If you want to achieve MAXimum Strength and MAXimum Cost Savings install a MAXdoor – the made in the USA Vertical Lift Fabric Door for industrial and commercial door openings.  Contact us today to engineer your industrial door solution!