Know What a Door Lintel Is and The Role It Plays at the Overhead Door Opening

Door Lintel

Knowing what a door lintel is and its function can be very useful when the need arises to install a new overhead industrial door on an existing facility. The primary purpose of a door lintel is to provide support for the wall above the door opening. The door lintel is a load-bearing beam that supports the opening in the framing where the door will be installed. The door lintel is a horizontal beam fitted across the top of the door opening to support the bricks or structure materials above the door.  Typically, lintels are made from steel or prestressed concrete. Steel lintels are normally used when the door openings are extensive and are a popular choice due to their strength, durability, and versatility. The lintel material used will depend on the structure of your building. Either side of your lintel must be supported sufficiently to ensure the above load is distributed evenly on both sides.  MAXDoor designs and builds custom under lintel (UL) vertical lift fabric doors up to 65 Feet wide.

Door Lintel

MAXDoor Standout Features

  • The simple MAXDoor design ensures minimum operation and maintenance costs.
  • Head members and side frame guides utilize structural steel components that provide overall strength.
  • Horizontal beams are manufactured to provide the highest wind load capacity.
  • Fabric choices include a variety of materials for special environments including high temperature, cut proof and anti-static.
  • MAXDoor offers a variety of control panel types to fit specific door requirements.

MAXDoor Speed

  • 10-12 inches per second
  • Faster Operating Speeds are available.

MAXDoor Strength

  • Horizontal beams spaced for 20-psf wind load. High wind load capacity available
  • 22oz Heavy duty PVC Fabric in a variety of colors
  • Tube size UHMW guide blocks.

MAXDoor Safety

  • A minimum for 4 lifting belts and a maintenance safety switch
  • Photo eyes for monitoring openings and closings
  • Manual brake release at motor location
  • Main shaft auxiliary brake system
  • Over travel protection
  • Wireless reversing edge

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