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A wide variety of businesses can benefit from installing a MAXDoor at their facility. It is the perfect solution for reliability and long-life. The Vertical Life Fabric Door is a great door application for industries such as aerospace, aviation, mining, farming, storage warehouses, distribution centers, waste management and more.  A MAXDoor is self-supporting, can be installed on the interior or exterior wall, and puts a minimal load onto the existing building.

A Door That’s Built To Last!

Business owners’ profit when they buy a MAXDoor!

  • MAXDoors have a service life of a million cycles and will provide 20-25 years of service.
  • MAXDoors have a high wind resistance and a high wind load rating.
  • MAXDoors operate at high speed and are easy to service – no springs to wear out.
  • MAXDoors have a weather-tight seal and hold up in caustic, wet and dirty environments.
  • MAXDoors have multiple lifting belts making it much safer than spring counter balanced doors.
  • MAXDoors are offered in a variety of fabric materials such as fire retardant, low temperature, high temperature, anti-static and more.

MAXDoors stand strong even during door collisions!

  • MAXDoors operate like a roman shade allowing the weight and wind load to be transferred from the traveling door panel into the door guides at every horizontal beam.  When a collision occurs, and the door is knocked out of the door guides, the fix is quick. Simply place the horizontal beams back in position, and the door is back in operation.  No downtime and no costly service calls!

With a MAXDoor You Have Options

  • Model WD – economical, high wind or pressure resistant and long service life
  • Model SD – simple design, 10-12” per second speed both directions, 4” thick door panel and R-value of 4.5/U-value is B
  • Model HD – designed for large openings and touch environments, side frames use C-15 steel channels for superior strength
  • Model TD – telescoping steel panel door system – a solution to security and space allocation, latches down when closed, powered or manual operation
  • Crane Way Door System – lower door swing, custom door controls for any application, structural steel head member, side frames and door guides.

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As you can see, MAXDoor can deliver to your specific industrial door needs. Custom designed and custom built, the MAXDoor engineers offer over 30 years of experience in the vertical lift fabric door industry.  A simple door with great flexibility built right here in the USA.

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