Reduce Energy Costs by 50% with the Right Industrial Door

A fact of operating a factory, warehouse, or other industrial building is that materials, supplies, and products must enter an exit the facility.  This means that doors must open and close in order for this to be accomplished.

Operations Managers across the United States are always seeking to reduce operational and facilities costs without having to sacrifice safety and quality.

One area that can offer a tremendous savings, as much as 50%, is evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the doors of a facility.

MaxDoor-USA recently conducted an evaluation of a facility using a door that was 16’ tall and 16’ wide.  Here are the results:

Existing Industrial Door Energy Costs

Energy Savings with Vertical Lift Doors

Energy Savings with Vertical Lift Fabric Doors If you find that your facility could benefit from a reduction in its energy costs due to its industrial doors, Request a Quote from MaxDoor-USA today or call us at (248) 658-1900.

Vertical Lift Fabric Door Quote