MAXDoor Saves Shop That Had Doors Ripped Off From Tornado

MAXDoor To The Rescue

The Challenge

A tornado tore through a mining truck shop in the western United States. All existing seven doors were ripped away and destroyed leaving behind only the side framing.  The doors that needed to be replaced must handle a high wind load and have superior overall strength.  In addition, the customer wanted natural light to come through the doors to enhance the shop’s safety factor and improve working conditions. The vertical lift fabric MAXDoor was chosen for the door replacement.

The Solution

Design, build and install the MAXDoor UL model vertical lift fabric door with white fabric allowing more light into the shop.  Made with aluminum rectangle tube horizontal beams, this model provides the highest wind load resistance.  These high strength beams do not twist under load like other extruded beams. An affordable door option and a long service life.  MAXDoors are designed to utilize existing steel framing resulting in a faster installation.  In addition to a dual layer 4-6-inch-deep curtain, a weather seal is provided on the interior and exterior sides of the door guides.  Unlike the single layer fabric or rubber doors that blow into the shop, this is a door for harsh conditions.  The fabric overlaps the door guides by almost 2” per guide so there is very little leakage.  When the wind blows, the weather seal gets tighter.

The Results

Following the installation of MAXDoors on the customer site, they now get to enjoy the following:

  • Service life of a MAXDoor is 20-25+ Years even in a toxic and corrosive mining environment
  • Installation is quick and efficient as MAXDoors are built with the installer in mind
  • No springs in MAXDoors means low maintenance and service call savings
  • Very High Wind Load capability
  • Doors do not blow into the shop and that saves floor space for equipment and improves safety
  • A very satisfied customer!

Get Help From Knowledgeable Experts

If your shop is in need of the best industrial doors, then now is the time to explore how the vertical lift fabric doors from MAXDoor can be customized for your particular application.  Contact us today or call 248-915-5838 to speak with the experts today!