What If Your Overhead Doors Always Operated at Peak Performance?


Here are specific vertical lift fabric MAXDoor models that will enhance the daily operation at your plant or manufacturing facility.  We custom design and build the specific model that coincides with your particular door requirements.  All doors are available with high wind load or high positive/negative pressure resistance. Several door speeds are available on each model from standard speed of 10-12 inches per second up to high speed doors in speeds up to 36” per second. Our standard PVC door fabric is 20 to 22 ounce and has a temperature range of -35 degrees to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  In addition, alternate fabrics are available for high temperature, low temperature, sound reduction, insulation (R-12), anti-static, transparent (frosted), security cut proof, rubber, insect screen and windows.

Model WD – The Warehouse Door


  • The Model WD door is a cost effective alternative to rolling steel doors.
  • Made for grade level truck size door openings and smaller. If you need a tough door to deal with traffic, high winds, dirty or corrosive environments, this door checks all the boxes.
  • Heavy-duty gearhead operator has a floor level manual chain hoist to allow door operation when power is not available.
  • Easy to install with the curtain assembly, lifting belts and motor operator being attached to the head member direct from the factory.

Model SD – The Standard Duty Door

Standard Duty MAXDoor

  • The Model SD door is also a very cost effective alternative to a rolling steel door.
  • One tough door with a simple design to ensure long service life and minimal operation and maintenance costs.
  • The SD is furnished with an industrial grade NEMA-4 control panel with fused lockable rotary disconnect and the door is controlled by PLC Logic.
  • Model SD is designed for larger openings or where higher wind load is required.

Model UL – The Under Lintel Model

  • This door allows to be mounted under lintel and between jambs, or face of wall mount on the interior or exterior of the building.
  • Side frame steel or wide flange beams that the head member gets attached to can be provided by the customer or by MAXDoor. This results in significant savings when the customer or contractor furnishes and installs this steel.
  • The UL model is available in every door size that MAXDoor manufacturers large and small.

Model HD – The Heavy Duty Door

Heavy Duty Vertical Lift Door

  • The Model HD door is an excellent alternative to rolling steel doors that require continual maintenance.
  • Designed for door openings that require a supporting frame and head member in addition to extra large openings.
  • The HD model is mounted face of wall on the interior or exterior of the opening allowing the full opening to be accessed.
  • The HD is available with high wind load or positive/negative pressure resistance. Just like the other models, this door can withstand a harsh environment and has no springs or counterweights.
  • This door can be used at crane door openings or for custom doors with very wide or very high openings.

Get The Right Door for Your Application

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