MAXDoor Meets the Challenge for Corrosive-Resistant Mine Doors

Indeed, the mining industry can be extremely challenging with factors such as dirt, harsh weather conditions, and the presence of large trucks and land moving equipment.  In such environments, it is important to have durable and reliable doors to quickly close up the outside and inside conditions.  MAXDoor, a vertical fabric lift door, is designed to meet the challenges of corrosive environments.

The Challenge

MAXDoor was presented with a situation requiring the replacement of rolling steel doors at a mine site.  The steel doors were allowing air from toxic environments to leak in and around the doors causing corrosion.  The steel doors were also involved in numerous accidents involving large vehicles entering and existing the entrance to the mine. This resulted in significant down-time, high door repair bills and lower productivity.  The challenge was to design and manufacture vertical lift fabric doors that would alleviate the daily operational problems.

The Solution

To make sure the solution matches the challenge, MAXDoor always takes a personalized approach to the design and manufacture of custom Vertical Lift Fabric (VLF) doors. In this situation, a premium door is needed to handle the daily operations in mining wash bays, crusher buildings, pellet plants, and truck repair shops. MAXDoor offers the following features to ensure your mine and mining equipment is offered full protection from harsh temperatures and high winds:

  • Custom designed door sizes that are built-to-suit for just about any application
  • Minimum load on building structure – Self Supporting
  • High positive and negative wind resistance
  • Excellent environment separation
  • High speed operation
  • No springs or counterweights
  • Designed for heavy industrial environments

The Results

The fabric door is constructed with materials that can withstand harsh conditions and can effectively protect against dust, moisture, and other elements.  MAXDoor’s robust construction and advanced features make it suitable for use in mining facilities where durability and reliability are crucial.

  • MAXDoors simple design has horizontal traveling beams constructed to flex and give way when there is a collision. The mining industry uses large industrial equipment daily and having the right door in place will be beneficial when the door is hit. Real life collisions prove that the horizontal beams flex out of the door guides without damage and are easily put back into the door guides saving hours of downtime and repair costs.
  • Made in the USA, MAXDoor is 2-3 times faster than rolling steel or multiple leaf steel vertical lift doors and will substantially reduce annual operating and maintenance costs.
  • MAXDoors enhance safety and productivity at the mine site.
  • 20-25 Year service life

Learn More About MAXDoors

If your mining facility is experiencing corrosion on its industrial doors, then it’s time to explore a solution that can deliver corrosion-free doors and much more.  Contact us today or call (877) 436-0302 today.

Go With A MAXDoor Solution For Your Cleanroom

Doors for cleanrooms are a crucial aspect to the design of specially built environments. A cleanroom is a “room within” with an engineered space that maintains a very low concentration of air borne particulates.  These rooms are constructed and operated in a manner to control the introduction, generation, and retention of particles inside the room. These rooms are well controlled for containment and actively cleaned to provide the cleanest area possible.  Securing the right curtain/door in this situation is critical to the overall operation of a cleanroom.

The Best Industrial Doors for Cleanrooms

MAXDoor offers a wide range of reliable curtains and doors for cleanroom spaces.

  • The one-piece curtain minimizes air infiltration when the door is closed.
  • The curtain overlaps the door guide by approximately 2” on each side of the door resulting in dual side seals.
  • The dual layer fabric also minimizes air infiltration.
  • There are no door hinge points to allow air infiltration.
  • There are no sections of joints in the panel – the door is a solid seal.
  • If a cleanroom is under positive pressure, the air pressure creates a tighter seal at the door guides.
  • Alternate fabric choices are available for various types of special environments.

MAXDoor Industry Applications

MAXDoor provides curtains and doors for cleanrooms in all types of industries:

  • Pharmaceutical & Nutraceuticals
  • Laboratories & Research Facilities
  • Hospital & Healthcare Facilities
  • Food Industries
  • Biotech
  • Medical Cannabis
  • Sustainable Energy Supplies
  • E-Liquid Vape
  • Aerospace

MAXDoors are durable, strong, safe, and easy to operate. Our curtains and doors are the perfect solution to maintain the quality of a cleanroom.

Made in the USA

MAXDoors are made right here in the USA.  If you would like to explore how a MAXDoor can make an impact at your facility contact us or call 877-436-0302.

Industrial Doors for Highly Toxic Waste Handling Environments

The Challenge

A facility in Texas needed a door solution that would separate outside elements from the interior temperature controlled building.  It was very important that environment separation be maintained for air quality, noise control, dust and rodent control. In addition, the door was critical  in maintaining compliance with local and state regulations. The door also needed to be very durable and operate at a high speed for a 24/7 operation.

The Solution

A vertical lift fabric door – a MAXDoor – proved to meet all of the door requirements of the waste handling facility for these reasons:

  • MAXDoors tolerate a very corrosive environment
  • Greatly improve protection from toxic air
  • The door has a tight seal when closed
  • Minimal downtime when collisions occur
  • Simple design = simple repairs
  • Fabric choices

The Results

  • A better temperature-controlled facility
  • Durable door to match any challenge
  • Fabric Choices include various weights, colors, fire retardant, low/high temperature, anti-static, etc.
  • Minimal repair costs and downtime – when collisions occur beams flex and give way. Beams are easily put back in place
  • Improved safety at the door – the lifting belts and horizontal beam design have proven to increase personal safety when collisions occur.
  • 20-25 Service Life

Learn More

To learn more about how a MAXDoor can help your facility to become safer and reduce its overall energy costs, contact us.

EV Battery Factories Teaming with MAXDoor

Known as the battery belt, it is the geographic region that roughly runs between Michigan to Tennessee to Georgia to western New York. EV battery factories are being built and specific industrial door requirements need to be met. Lithium, nickel, and cobalt are the key materials used to make EV batteries. Inside the plant proper conditions must be maintained for hazardous material handling, clean rooms, and dry rooms.

MAXDoor can provide a strong, reliable door at the entryway of your facility and can also provide the doors inside for clean rooms and dry rooms. There are many choices for industrial doors but let’s take a look at the door that is revolutionizing the door industry.  MAXDoor is a vertical lift fabric door that provides intelligence at the door opening.

MAXDoor offers smart features that will save your facility time and money in addition to addressing safety concerns at your EV battery plant.  MAXDoor is built to take the guess work out of operating your industrial door.  With a 25 year service life, MAXDoors operate at high speed and are built to run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

  • Intelligent controllers defend against human mistakes. Automated door opening/closing systems eliminate error and improve safety and productivity.
  • MAXDoor provides excellent environmental separation for clean and dry rooms resulting in tightly sealed off areas.
  • HVAC system overuse will be diminished when MAXDoors are installed. The design and built of our door minimize the energy required to heat or cool factories with large door openings. Energy loss at the door opening is reduced with controllers that are programmed to speed up or slow down the door.
  • MAXDoors experience minimal downtown due to the design of the door. If a door is hit, the lifting belts and horizontal beam design allows for simple maintenance, and the door is operational within minutes.
  • MAXDoor is made with structural steel components and provides overall strength and durability.  Our doors are designed with overlapping fabric at the door guides and door bottom providing a tight seal and a very energy efficient door solution.
  • MAXDoor safety features are above door industry standards and will stand the test of time.

MAXDoor is 100% American owned and our door is manufactured in the state of Michigan. This means we can design, build, and deliver a door much faster than our overseas competitors. With over 30 years in the door business, our engineers will design a state-of-the-art industrial door for your battery facility.  To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us.

MAXDoor Is The Perfect Fit for the Mining Industry

MAXDoors are vertical lift fabric overhead doors that are designed for heavy industrial, dirty environments.  The doors are easy to install, maintain smooth operation, provide excellent environment separation, and are designed for low maintenance.

In years past, the mining industry used big steel heavy doors. They were expensive, outdated, and unsafe.  Enter MAXDoor – a fabric door that fits in less space and can be installed without modifying the existing doorway or building.  A fabric door vs. a steel door allows sunlight to enter increasing safety at the mine.

How MAXDoors Benefit the Mining Industry

  • MAXDoor provides intelligence at the door opening.  You want a door that can take a hit and continue operating with minimal downtime.  MAXDoor takes the guess work out of operating your overhead door and that greatly increases the safety factor.
  • MAXDoor creates a safe opening for trucks loaded with iron ore that are driving in and out of the crusher building. When closed the door creates a great barrier from flying rock, debris, and extreme weather conditions.
  • This is an affordable door with a service life of 20-25 years.
  • MAXDoor is located in the USA in the state of Michigan.  With over 35 years of experience in all sectors of business, let our overhead door experience work for you!

To learn more about how a MAXDoor can help optimize the efficiency at your facility, contact us today!

Custom Made Vertical Lift Fabric Doors

Need a custom-built door to fit an unusual door opening?  MAXDoor offers a wide variety of doors that can be designed and built for your specific door needs. Our doors are built for the toughest of industrial environments and come with custom door controls for any application and environment. The 22-ounce PVC fabric used to build MAXDoors comes in a large selection of colors and is UV stabilized, mold & mildew resistant.

Examples of Vertical Lift Fabric Door (VLFD) Choices and Applications

  • VLFD’s for Warehouses – types of applications: Warehouses, Maintenance Shops, Truck Doors, Water Treatment Facilities, Composting, Agriculture and Chemical facilities
  • VLFDs for Entrances 40 Feet or Less – types of applications: Waste Handling, Steel Mills, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Automotive and Utility facilities
  • VLFDs for Entrances OVER 40 Feet – The Model UL-XL – Custom built for very large door openings
  • UL and XL-UL VLFDs – fabric choices include a variety of materials for special environments including high temperature, cut-proof and anti-static.

These are just a few of the custom-built doors offered by MAXDoor. We have the experience and skills to engineer, design and build a door to meet your specific requirements.

Other outstanding features of MAXDoors include:

  • Heavy Duty Operators
  • Soft start/stop motor control
  • Opening speeds up to 60” per second
  • Bottom beam reinforced with EPDM floor weather seal
  • High cycle lifting belts
  • Custom made wall-mounted control panels
  • Horizontal beams space for high wind resistance
  • Service life of MAXDoors – 20-25 Years
  • Made in the USA

To learn more about how a MAXDoor can help your facility, please contact us.

MAXDoor – The Choice for a Composting Facility

The Challenge

A new state-of-the-art composting facility being built in the Midwest required tough industrial doors to be installed on the building to allow the facility to operate year-round in an indoor controlled environment.  A variety of organic materials such as yard clippings, food waste and sludge would be delivered to this high volume composting facility.  The doors for this facility need to be the toughest to meet the climate-controlled conditions inside the facility.  The doors need to be designed for high-cycle operations and must operate at a high speed to accommodate the numerous truck deliveries on a daily basis.  When collisions occur, the doors must be easy to fix to ensure continued daily operation.

The Solution

MAXDoor – the toughest vertical lift fabric door was selected.  MAXDoors tolerate corrosive environments and seal tight when closed limiting the amount of hot or cold air, pollens, and debris from entering the building.  Steel side frames ensure that MAXDoors maintain their strength during numerous cycling operations.  If a collision occurs, the horizontal beams are designed to flex and give way. Beams are quickly put back in place resulting in minimal downtime and no maintenance expense.  Multiple lifting belts are used providing additional safety and a slim chance of a door drop.

The Results

  • Minimize overuse of cooling and HVAC systems for indoor climate-controlled facilities
  • A door that will stand up to high-cycle daily operations
  • MAXDoors seal tight allowing for better air circulation with less toxins
  • Costly repairs and door downtime is drastically improved
  • Service life of a MAXDoor is 20-25+ Years even in a toxic and corrosive environment
  • Improved safety due to multiple lifting belts
  • Rectangular tube horizontal beams resist high wind

Industrial Door Application Experts

To learn more about how a MAXDoor can improve safety and lower costs at your facility, Call (877) 436-0302 to speak with an industrial door application expert or contact us through our website.

MAXDoor – Your “Go To” for Industrial Warehouse Doors

Commercial doors for warehouses and maintenance shops require a specific design and size.  Typically, these are smaller door openings or truck doors.  The vertical lift fabric MAXDoors are designed and built for these types of smaller door openings.  Model WD MAXDoor is very economical and has a long service life.  Made to custom fit your specific door requirements, MAXDoor is the easy answer to solving your door needs.

Why a MAXDoor WD Model?

The MAXDoor WD model is a perfect fit at your warehouse and here are the reasons why:

#1 – A vertical lift fabric door has less movement than steel doors and that saves on wear and tear, door downtime and high maintenance costs.

#2 – The operator and controls are less expensive on this type of door and that results in savings being passed on to customers.

#3 – MAXDoors fit custom environments and the fabric choices allow the door to accommodate a wide range of environments:

  • High Static
  • Fire Retardant
  • Explosion Proof
  • High Wind Load
  • Dual layers for energy efficiency
  • Cut Proof
  • High Temperature

#4 – When door collisions happen, by design the MAXDoor is a simple fix. The door operates like a roman shade allowing the weight and wind load to transfer from the traveling door panel to the door guides at the horizontal beams. The beams flex and give way.  To fix, simply put the beams back in place. No downtime and no expensive repair costs.

Do not spend your money on costly rolling steel doors that have a short service life and in need of constant repair.  MAXDoors have a service life of 20-25 years and are made in the USA.

Contact MAXDoor to discuss your industrial warehouse door needs today or call (248) 915-5838.

Hazardous Waste Management Facility Chooses MAXDoor

A leading hazardous waste management plant had been using rolling steel doors at building entryways.  These steel doors were allowing air from toxic environments to leak in and around the doors causing corrosion to the doors resulting in costly maintenance repairs.  The steel doors were also being hit with frequent collisions and the plant was experiencing too much downtime.

New doors needed to be purchased.  The company did not want to invest in more rolling steel doors that have such a short service life and need constant repair.  In addition the air leaking in and around the doors was creating a safety hazard.

The Solution

Purchasing and installing a vertical lift fabric door – a MAXDoor –  would tolerate a corrosive environment and greatly improve protection from toxic air.  This door operates much faster than a steel door resulting in less toxic air escaping and less contaminants entering the building.  The MAXDoor has a tight seal when closed. Repairs and downtimes are always an issue with steel doors, however a MAXDoor can take a hit and continue to operate until a minor repair can be made.

The Results

  • Much improved safety for the waste plan and the workers
  • MAXDoors seal tight allowing for better air circulation with less toxins
  • Costly repairs and door downtime is drastically improved
  • Service life of a MAXDoor is 20-25+ Years even in a toxic and corrosive environment
  • A very satisfied customer!!

To learn how a MAXDoor can revolutionize the safety and energy savings at your facility, contact us today or call 248-915-5838.

Lock In Your Price New for a MAXDoor When You Order Today!

The cost of everything continues to rise and supply shortages are ongoing.  Material costs are expected to rise this year so secure a locked in price now!  You can save money in 2023 by ordering at today’s prices and securing the purchase of a MAXDoor with a minimal down payment.

Avoid Back-Logs and Delays

The industrial door industry also suffers from a back-log and shortage of components.  If you purchase today and lock in the price, you know that in 3-4 months you will have a new vertical life fabric door – a MAXDoor.

Avoid Future Cost Increases

Our MAXDoors are made from vinyl material and vinyl is made from petroleum.  The oil industry is up and down and securing your MAXDoor price today is a smart move.  Any material not made in the USA is tied up in delayed shipping, and component manufacturers are not storing inventory.  These manufacturers are building per order, and this increases lead time.  In addition, labor shortages are impacting everything.

Lock In Your MAXDoor Price

This is all you need to do to lock in current MAXDoor pricing:

  • Call or email MAXDoor and tell us your door requirements
  • Our engineers will answer your questions and give you the best door solution to meet your needs
  • You will receive a quote and additional specific door information
  • Lock in current pricing with a down payment
  • Expect door delivery in 3-4 months or sooner

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