10 Reasons To Install A MAXDoor At Your Dairy Farm

MAXDoor for Dairy Farm

Running an efficient dairy farm operation requires protection of your most important assets.  Within your dairy buildings, you need to protect and shelter your livestock, products, equipment and machinery.  With a MAXDoor in place you can rest assured that your resources are secured and sheltered behind a strong self-supporting vertical lift fabric door.

MAXDoors are designed and custom built in the USA offering a variety of sizes to fit the individual needs of your dairy farm buildings. We offer the SD Model for openings up to 30 Ft wide x 30 Ft high in addition to the HD and HD-XL Models for extremely large door openings.

Here are the reasons why a MAXDoor is the best fit to protect and improve the profitability of your dairy farm:

  1. Satisfies EPA requirements for bird and rodent control
  2. Designed to function in tough, dirty environments as well as harsh climates
  3. High positive and negative wind resistance
  4. Excellent environment separation capability
  5. Self-Supporting with minimum load on the building structure
  6. Deep horizontal beams designed to flex and proven to be very strong
  7. Designed to take a hit and survive with minimal damage to the door
  8. Less expensive than roll up fabric, rubber or rolling steel doors
  9. Simple design ensures minimum operation and maintenance cost
  10. 20-25 Year service life

The doors at your agricultural facility need to get the job done on a daily basis.  MAXDoor is a door you can count on for quality, reliability and structural integrity. A door that holds up in tough conditions and keeps working during unique circumstances, temperature extremes and heavy daily use.

MAXDoor is owned and operated in the USA, has a 2 Year warranty, minimal repair costs and readily available components.  With over 25 years of experience in the door business, let our experts assist you with design a door to fit your specific needs.  Ask a question or request a quote from sales@MAXDoor-usa.com or contact us at 248-658-1900.