MAXDoor Is The Perfect Fit for the Mining Industry

MAXDoors are vertical lift fabric overhead doors that are designed for heavy industrial, dirty environments.  The doors are easy to install, maintain smooth operation, provide excellent environment separation, and are designed for low maintenance.

In years past, the mining industry used big steel heavy doors. They were expensive, outdated, and unsafe.  Enter MAXDoor – a fabric door that fits in less space and can be installed without modifying the existing doorway or building.  A fabric door vs. a steel door allows sunlight to enter increasing safety at the mine.

How MAXDoors Benefit the Mining Industry

  • MAXDoor provides intelligence at the door opening.  You want a door that can take a hit and continue operating with minimal downtime.  MAXDoor takes the guess work out of operating your overhead door and that greatly increases the safety factor.
  • MAXDoor creates a safe opening for trucks loaded with iron ore that are driving in and out of the crusher building. When closed the door creates a great barrier from flying rock, debris, and extreme weather conditions.
  • This is an affordable door with a service life of 20-25 years.
  • MAXDoor is located in the USA in the state of Michigan.  With over 35 years of experience in all sectors of business, let our overhead door experience work for you!

To learn more about how a MAXDoor can help optimize the efficiency at your facility, contact us today!