What If Your Overhead Doors Always Operated at Peak Performance?

Here are specific vertical lift fabric MAXDoor models that will enhance the daily operation at your plant or manufacturing facility.  We custom design and build the specific model that coincides with your particular door requirements.  All doors are available with high wind load or high positive/negative pressure resistance. Several door speeds are available on each model from standard speed of 10-12 inches per second up to high speed doors in speeds up to 36” per second. Our standard PVC door fabric is 20 to 22 ounce and has a temperature range of -35 degrees to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  In addition, alternate fabrics are available for high temperature, low temperature, sound reduction, insulation (R-12), anti-static, transparent (frosted), security cut proof, rubber, insect screen and windows.

Model WD – The Warehouse Door


  • The Model WD door is a cost effective alternative to rolling steel doors.
  • Made for grade level truck size door openings and smaller. If you need a tough door to deal with traffic, high winds, dirty or corrosive environments, this door checks all the boxes.
  • Heavy-duty gearhead operator has a floor level manual chain hoist to allow door operation when power is not available.
  • Easy to install with the curtain assembly, lifting belts and motor operator being attached to the head member direct from the factory.

Model SD – The Standard Duty Door

Standard Duty MAXDoor

  • The Model SD door is also a very cost effective alternative to a rolling steel door.
  • One tough door with a simple design to ensure long service life and minimal operation and maintenance costs.
  • The SD is furnished with an industrial grade NEMA-4 control panel with fused lockable rotary disconnect and the door is controlled by PLC Logic.
  • Model SD is designed for larger openings or where higher wind load is required.

Model UL – The Under Lintel Model

  • This door allows to be mounted under lintel and between jambs, or face of wall mount on the interior or exterior of the building.
  • Side frame steel or wide flange beams that the head member gets attached to can be provided by the customer or by MAXDoor. This results in significant savings when the customer or contractor furnishes and installs this steel.
  • The UL model is available in every door size that MAXDoor manufacturers large and small.

Model HD – The Heavy Duty Door

Heavy Duty Vertical Lift Door

  • The Model HD door is an excellent alternative to rolling steel doors that require continual maintenance.
  • Designed for door openings that require a supporting frame and head member in addition to extra large openings.
  • The HD model is mounted face of wall on the interior or exterior of the opening allowing the full opening to be accessed.
  • The HD is available with high wind load or positive/negative pressure resistance. Just like the other models, this door can withstand a harsh environment and has no springs or counterweights.
  • This door can be used at crane door openings or for custom doors with very wide or very high openings.

Get The Right Door for Your Application

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Highly Rated and Affordable Vertical Lift Fabric Doors

Enhancing Dependability, Energy Efficiency, Safety and Service Life

Why Vertical Lift Fabric MAXDoors are becoming the preferred industrial door for a diverse range of industries including warehouses, distribution centers, repair shops, fire stations, loading docks, agricultural facilities, manufacturing facilities, automotive facilities, shipyards, hangars, and aerospace:

Wind Load

Our doors can be designed and built for a maintained wind load of up to 150 m.p.h. The higher the wind load, the more robust and heavy duty the door components.


MAXDoors put a minimal amount of additional load onto the building and are designed to be installed on the interior or exterior side of a wall.

Minimal Service Calls

Collisions happen but with MAXDoor the repair is fast and simple due to the durable parts and flexible design.  There are no springs on the door.  Our door has a 4” or 6” thick traveling fabric panel. The door guides are free of Lifting belts or devices that get trapped in the door guides. If MAXDoor is knocked out of the door guides, simply place the horizontal beams back in position and the door is operational.

Strength and Speed

MAXDoors are stronger and less expensive than large rolling steel or rubber doors and operate at a higher speed.  The door guides are made of steel angle. The Side Frame Steel normally an option with other manufactures is included and standard on MAXDOORS.  The door is designed for high cycle applications (hundreds of cycles per day).  Aluminum Rectangle Tube horizontal beams provide the highest wind load resistance.  Additional strength is provided by using high strength Aluminum Rectangle Tubes that do not twist under load like other extruded beams.

Affordable with a Long Service Life

With a 20-25-year service life, and low annual maintenance cost, MAXDoor is a great return on your investment.

Energy Conservation

With a dual layer 4- 6 inch deep curtain a weather seal is provided on the interior and exterior sides of the door guides. With the fabric overlapping the door guides by almost 2” per guide there is very little leakage at the door guides. When the wind blows the weather seal gets tighter. The material is all one piece so when the door is closed there are no seams or joints for the wind to penetrate the door panel.  At the bottom of the door there is a large 1/8” thick EPDM Rubber seal to keep the weather and rain out. Our 3-piece bottom weather seal design minimizes tearing and is easy to replace small sections.


Safety on MAXDOOR is number ONE! Our doors use multiple Lifting belts (minimum 4) to make sure a door does not come down should a belt break. We do not rely on a mechanical device in the door guides to hopefully work when the one and only belt breaks. The door is protected by an over travel limit switch and a manual maintenance switch in the head member. Industrial Thru-beam Photo-eyes are provided for additional safety. Maintained contact close push button operation is standard on all doors. A wireless reversing edge is standard on all doors. The Wall Mount Control Panel is provided with a lockable fused rotary disconnect.

Made in the USA

MAXDoors are made in the USA.  Contact us to speak with our team about the right door for your particular application or call us directly at 877-436-0302.

Lock In Your Price New for a MAXDoor When You Order Today!

The cost of everything continues to rise and supply shortages are ongoing.  Material costs are expected to rise this year so secure a locked in price now!  You can save money in 2023 by ordering at today’s prices and securing the purchase of a MAXDoor with a minimal down payment.

Avoid Back-Logs and Delays

The industrial door industry also suffers from a back-log and shortage of components.  If you purchase today and lock in the price, you know that in 3-4 months you will have a new vertical life fabric door – a MAXDoor.

Avoid Future Cost Increases

Our MAXDoors are made from vinyl material and vinyl is made from petroleum.  The oil industry is up and down and securing your MAXDoor price today is a smart move.  Any material not made in the USA is tied up in delayed shipping, and component manufacturers are not storing inventory.  These manufacturers are building per order, and this increases lead time.  In addition, labor shortages are impacting everything.

Lock In Your MAXDoor Price

This is all you need to do to lock in current MAXDoor pricing:

  • Call or email MAXDoor and tell us your door requirements
  • Our engineers will answer your questions and give you the best door solution to meet your needs
  • You will receive a quote and additional specific door information
  • Lock in current pricing with a down payment
  • Expect door delivery in 3-4 months or sooner

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MAXDoor is a Door for All Seasons

A properly functioning and strong industrial door is essential during all times of the year.  The vertical lift fabric door, a MAXDoor, is being sought after for the many benefits it provides during all seasons and weather conditions.  Our door is known for its strength, durability, and dependability when tough conditions demand a door that you can rely on.  With a service life of 20-25 years, MAXDoor is the best value on the market.

Fall and Winter Doors

Get ready for the harsh weather – plan ahead and have a door in place that will provide the following:

  • Significant wind load capacity is essential and MAXDoor is designed and built for a maintained wind load of up to 150 m.p.h.
  • High cycle capability is essential and MAXDoors easily handle hundreds of cycles per day.
  • Strength is a key component of a MAXDoor. Our door is 2-5 times stronger than a rolling steel door, and the guides and frames are made from steel and the door panel comes in a variety of fabric strengths including explosion proof.
  • Energy cost reduction and MAXDoor go hand in hand.  Having the right door in place greatly reduces the cost of energy and utility costs in addition to excessive wear and tear on cooling/HVAC units.
  • Collisions occur more frequently during the winter months and that can lead to major repair costs. MAXDoors require very little maintenance since when hit, the door guides pop out and are easily placed back inside the guides. No downtime and no maintenance costs.

Spring and Summer Doors

Wind, rain, dust, pollen, rodents all need to be kept out of your facility.  A MAXDoor provides great protection and efficiency when you need it.

  • MAXDoor is designed to thrive in tough, dirty environments and provide excellent environment separation.  Our door satisfies EPA requirements for bird and rodent control and cuts down on dust and pollen entering your facility.
  • With a dual layer fabric door panel, MAXDoor is very energy efficient and allows less outside heat into the building resulting in a cooler workspace and lower A/C bills.
  • Safety is a key component in the design and build of a MAXDoor. The lifting belts and horizontal beam design have proven to improve safety issues in real life collisions with lift trucks and industrial articulating dump trucks.

MAXDoors are Made in the USA

Made in the USA, MAXDoor is truly a door that can withstand all types of weather conditions. If you want to achieve the maximum for your industrial door investment, please contact us today.

Overhead Doors – Keeping Out The Cold

Winter is on its way, and it’s time to install overhead doors that hold up in tough cold environments.  The movement of materials in and out of a facility requires overhead doors that open and close quickly and efficiently.  To keep heating and cooling costs under control, it is important to have the right industrial door in place.  Heavy-duty MAXDoors can be built up to 65 feet high with a speed of 8-10 inches per second.

Heavy Duty Vertical Lift Fabric Doors

The Heavy-Duty vertical lift fabric MAXDoor is a simple design that withstands 88mph or 20-psf wind load, and higher wind load is available for any size door.  This door includes a 6-inch-thick door panel instead of the usual 4-inch thickness. Built with self-supporting steel side frames and guides, heavy-duty horizontal beams, and dual layer 22oz heavy duty PVC fabric, the HD MAXDoor will provide a strong and reliable entryway to get you through the toughest of weather conditions.

Door Fabric Colors & Safety Features

MAXDoor offers a wide variety of color fabric options that include:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • White
  • Tan
  • Black
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Translucent
  • Insect/Bird Screen Fabric

Safety Features

  • Direct drive gear motor with brake
  • Multiple Lifting Belts
  • Manual Brake Release
  • Over travel limit switch
  • Photo-eyes
  • PLC monitored circuits

Options Available

  • Anti-Collision Door Protection System
  • Severe Duty Motor
  • Automatic Door System
  • Operator Mounted Controls
  • Wireless Reversing Edge
  • Door Activation Sensors

Speak with an Expert

Take the next step and reach out to speak with our door application experts at MAXDoor.  Contact us today for a quote.  Made in the USA!

MAXDoor 101: Industrial Doors Made In The USA

Vertical Lift Fabric doors (VLFD’s) give you the flexibility to build a specific door system using standard components.  MAXDoors are designed and built in the USA.  Our doors are designed for the toughest of industrial environments and by design offer minimal operation and maintenance costs.  In addition, your door request is handled by an application engineer focused on providing you with the best door solution.  All MAXDoors offer a 20-25 year service life.

Fabric choices on MAXDoors include a variety of materials for special environments such as high temperature, cut proof, anti-static and translucent.

Model WD VLFD  –  For Door Sizes Up to 24’ W x 24’ H

This door is economical, possesses a long service life and used frequently by warehouses, maintenance, and trade shops.  The door features a floor level brake release and a floor level manual chair hoist in case your facility should lose power.

Model SD -Standard Duty VLFD – For Door Sizes Up to 36’ W x 30’ H

Our simple design ensures minimum operation and low maintenance costs. Head member, side frames and door guides utilize structural steel.  Standard speed in both directions is 10-12 inches per second and faster speeds are available.  This door provides high wind-load resistance and excellent environment separation.

Model HD Heavy Duty High Speed VLFD – For Door Sizes Up to 45’W x 45’ H

With a speed of 20+ inches per second, this MAXDoor is designed for large openings and has a self-supporting head member and side frames utilizing C-15 steel channels to provide superior strength.  Designed with internal traveling horizontal beams and large UHMW guide blocks to provide the highest wind-load resistance.

Model UL VLFD – For Sizes Up to 45’ W x 70’ H

Simple operation ensures minimum operating and maintenance costs.  Custom built for each door application, this MAXDoor offers a variety of control panel types and options. With 4 lifting belts and photo-eyes for monitoring opening and closing, this door is built for safety.

With many years of experience in solving entries for buildings, industrial facilities, airplane and aerospace centers, fire stations, shipyards, crane-bays and more, give MAXDoor a call to find the right solution for your door needs at (248) 915-5838.

Replacing An Overhead Door? Do This First.

Talk To an Expert at MAXDoor

When the time comes to replace an overhead door, look to the door experts.  USA-made Maxdoors are vertical lift fabric doors designed for the toughest of industrial conditions such as factories, mines, loading docks, warehouses, fire stations, military, and aerospace buildings.  By installing a quality MAXDoor you can realize significant savings without sacrificing quality or safety.  MAXDoors have a 20-25 year service life and are 3 times stronger than steel doors and much more energy efficient.  Our doors are custom made to perfectly fit your specific application.

The Low Maintenance – High Quality Solution

By design, MAXDoors are low maintenance and high quality:

  • A simple designed door with no components to get trapped inside the door guides.
  • If a collision occurs, horizonal beams are designed to flex and give way. Put the beams back into the door guides and the door is operational.
  • MAXDoors are designed for high cycle applications (hundreds per day).
  • High wind load resistance up to 150 m.p.h. due to dual-layer fabric and horizontal beams.
  • MAXDoors can operate at a high speed – up to 60” per second

MAXDoors save you money in the long run:

  • Can reduce your energy and utility bill up to 50%
  • Save money on costly maintenance visits and downtime at the door opening
  • MAXDoors are self-supporting and do not put additional load on the building

With MAXDoor you have fabric choices:

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Available in 18, 20, 22 or 28 ounces
  • Available in material that is fire retardant, low temperature, high temperature, anti-static, etc.

Made In The USA

MAXDoor is owned and operated in Michigan.  With over 35 years in the door business, we have built a door that is designed for strength and durability.

We can answer all of your door replacement questions and custom build a door that meets your specific door needs. Put your trust in MAXDoor and rely on our expertise to replace your overhead door.  Contact us today to learn more about replacing your overhead door.

Searching for Overhead Industrial Doors?

An industry leader in overhead industrial doors for shops, warehouses, factories, mines, hangars, aerospace and more.  MAXDoor is a strong tough commercial overhead door that works exceptionally well in difficult and demanding environments.  The advantages of an overhead MAXDoor far outweigh the competition.  It is the answer for hard to fit doorways of any size and stands strong under adverse weather conditions.

Why MAXDoor Is The Perfect Solution

Reduce Energy Costs – the right overhead industrial door can lower your energy costs as much as 50%.  MAXDoor can perform an evaluation of your facility and recommend ways to stop the heat loss or cool air from escaping at the door entrance.  Having a properly functioning commercial door for loading docks, warehouses, large doorways, or entrances can greatly decrease the amount of energy used to heat or cool your facility.

Wind Load Capacity – MAXDoors are designed and built for a maintained wind load of up to 150 m.p.h. By design, our door utilizes a variety of beam sizes, spacing and material to provide high wind load for any environment. Even in very large overhead doors, MAXDoor maintains its strength. Talk to one of our door experts to better understand how our door stands up in tough environments.

Low Maintenance – You will save big on service calls with a MAXDoor. Our doors require very little maintenance and when they get hit, the door pops out of the door guides.  Our commercial overhead door operates like a roman shade allowing weight and wind load to transfer from the traveling door panel to the door guides at every horizontal beam. The quick fix is to simply put the door back in the guides, and you are back in operation within minutes.  MAXDoor is the only door with this type of capability due to its durable parts and flexible design.

High Speed/High Cycle Operation – MAXDoor is designed for high cycle operations meaning hundreds of cycles per day and can operate at a high speed – up to 60” per second.

MAXDoor is made in the USA and built for strength using steel and other components made in North America. By design of lifting belts and horizontal beams, MAXDoor limits safety issues typically associated with a commercial overhead door.

Contact our MAXDoor specialists to find the answer to your overhead door needs.