Overhead Doors – Keeping Out The Cold

Winter is on its way, and it’s time to install overhead doors that hold up in tough cold environments.  The movement of materials in and out of a facility requires overhead doors that open and close quickly and efficiently.  To keep heating and cooling costs under control, it is important to have the right industrial door in place.  Heavy-duty MAXDoors can be built up to 65 feet high with a speed of 8-10 inches per second.

Heavy Duty Vertical Lift Fabric Doors

The Heavy-Duty vertical lift fabric MAXDoor is a simple design that withstands 88mph or 20-psf wind load, and higher wind load is available for any size door.  This door includes a 6-inch-thick door panel instead of the usual 4-inch thickness. Built with self-supporting steel side frames and guides, heavy-duty horizontal beams, and dual layer 22oz heavy duty PVC fabric, the HD MAXDoor will provide a strong and reliable entryway to get you through the toughest of weather conditions.

Door Fabric Colors & Safety Features

MAXDoor offers a wide variety of color fabric options that include:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • White
  • Tan
  • Black
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Translucent
  • Insect/Bird Screen Fabric

Safety Features

  • Direct drive gear motor with brake
  • Multiple Lifting Belts
  • Manual Brake Release
  • Over travel limit switch
  • Photo-eyes
  • PLC monitored circuits

Options Available

  • Anti-Collision Door Protection System
  • Severe Duty Motor
  • Automatic Door System
  • Operator Mounted Controls
  • Wireless Reversing Edge
  • Door Activation Sensors

Speak with an Expert

Take the next step and reach out to speak with our door application experts at MAXDoor.  Contact us today for a quote.  Made in the USA!

Fabric Industrial Doors – What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Safe Vertical Lift Fabric DoorsLearn below how MaxDoor takes the pain away!

Let MAXDoor conduct an evaluation at your facility to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of your current doors.  MAXDoors are designed for the toughest industrial conditions (factories, loading docks, industrial buildings, warehouses, fire stations, military buildings, law enforcement locations, etc.).

  • USA-made MAXdoors are vertical lift fabric doors that can save a company as much as 50% on utility costs.
  • Operational and facility managers are realizing significant savings without sacrificing safety and quality by installing a MAXDoor.
  • In climate controlled environments MAXDoor can minimize overuse of cooling and HVAC Systems leading to replacements of entire units.
  • Made with USA steel, MAXDoor maintains its strength in doors from 10 feet to 100 feet.
  • MAXDoor is built with a dual layer fabric panel and operates like a roman shade allowing the weight and wind load to transfer from the traveling door panel to the door guides at every horizontal beam.
  • Door collisions cost companies a lot of money.  MAXDoor’s horizontal beams are designed to flex and give way when there is a collision.  The horizontal beams are quickly put back in place resulting in minimal downtime and no expense.

In today’s fast paced work environment, MAXDoor, a high-speed vertical fabric lift door offers hassle-free operation, minimal downtime, safety and cleanliness.

You don’t have to HURT anymore!  Contact MAXDoor today for an evaluation and quote on a custom high-speed fabric vertical lift door.