MAXDoors Are a Perfect Fit for the Petroleum Industry

Petroleum Industry Doors

At a petroleum facility crude oil is refined and natural gas is processed into a multitude of products.  Inside the petroleum plant there is exploration, extraction, refining and transporting.  All the facilities housing these various processes require strong, durable industrial doors for the large door openings required for the daily plant operations.  MAXDoors are tough vertical lift fabric doors, and the ideal solution for door openings in tough industrial environments.

Petroleum Facility Challenges

At a petroleum facility there is a lot of risk with doors constantly opening and closing.  Large machinery and forklifts move through these door openings numerous times during the day and night. As far as safety, the four main risks are entrapment, downward impact, lateral impact, and secondary impact.  The way a MAXDoor operates with photo-eyes at the opening, wireless reversing edge, PLC monitored circuits, and over travel protection results in eliminating human error and meeting higher safety standards in the door industry.

When Door Collisions Happen

MAXDoor is designed with travelling horizontal beams that flex and give way if a collision occurs. This means huge repair and maintenance savings compared to other types of doors.  In addition, the downtime of a door can cost a company a great deal of money.  By design MAXDoor ensures minimum operational and repair costs.

MAXDoors are an ideal solution for truck shops and maintenance shops within the petroleum facilities.  Our doors are designed for high cycle operation, high wind-load resistance, and excellent environment separation.  There are endless fabric choices to cover all types of environments or conditions. Fabrics are available in 18, 20, 22, 28 ounces, fire retardant material, low and high temperature material, anti-static material and many more.  All components are from local USA sources.

MAXDoor is a small business and located in the state of Michigan.  If you want to maximize your investment, MAXDoor is the answer.  Learn more contacting us today for a quote for your facility.