MAXDoor – A Good Fit with the Aviation Industry

Aircraft hangar doors

MAXDoor is a custom built vertical lift fabric door that stays strong in all types of weather conditions and environmental surroundings. In addition, the MAXDoor has been designed to put safety first. Airplane hangars are a huge investment, and the key factor to an efficient operation begins with the right hangar door.

Immediate access to your aircraft/helicopter is key in all types of weather conditions.

  • Designed and built for a maintained wind load of up to 150 m.p.h., MAXDoor operates like a roman shade allowing the weight and wind load to be transferred from the door panel into the door guides at every horizontal beam.
  • Slick pavement resulting from snow and ice often means collisions at the door opening.  With a MAXDoor, all traveling horizontal beams are designed to flex and give way upon impact. Beams remain intact and are easily placed back into the door guides. With a MAXDoor, there are no expensive repairs or costly downtime.

Hangar doors are important for environmental separation, and you need a door with great sealing qualities.

  • MAXDoor is custom made with fabric overlapping at the door guides providing a weather-tight condition and keeping out snow, ice, rain, rodents, dust and debris.
  • MAXDoor seals tight providing energy savings, especially in climate-controlled environments minimizing overuse of cooling and HVAC systems.

Safety concerns are always critical especially in the aviation world.

  • MAXDoors anti-collision, fully automated, fail safe door control panels minimize the possibility of human error.
  • MAXDoors lifting belts and horizontal beam design limits safety issues when collisions occur.

Your choice of a hangar door plays a huge role in the day-to-day operations at your aviation facility.  Choosing the right door for your facility is half the battle.  Let our experts help you make the best choice in designing a door for your specific application and contact us today.