Best Vertical Lift Fabric Door for Agriculture and Fertilizer Industries

MAXDoor Provides a Self-Supporting Vertical Lift Fabric Door for the Agriculture and Fertilizer Industries

American farming is vital to everyday life and protecting your products, equipment and machinery is vital to your agricultural operationsMAXDoors are custom built to keep everything in your buildings secure and safe.

Designed for heavy industrial environments, MAXDoor offers the SD Model for openings up to 30-ft wide x 30-ft high and the Model HD for larger door openings.  Our doors have the following features:

  • MAXDoors are 2-5 times stronger than rolling steel doors
  • MAXDoors operate at high speed (Up to 60” per second)
  • MAXDoors are designed for high cycle applications (hundreds/day)
  • MAXDoors are less expensive than roll up fabric, rubber, rolling steel & steel vertical lift doors
  • MAXDoors are an ideal EPA and Quality Control solution for truck vestibules
  • MAXDoors are designed for all environments including explosion proof

MAXDoors are designed to function in tough, dirty environments.  The 4”- 6” thick fabric door panel is free to break away should a collision occur.  Our simple design puts minimum load on the building structure and substantially reduces annual operating and maintenance costs.  MAXDoor provides:

  • Excellent environment separation
  • Satisfies EPA requirements for bird and rodent control
  • High positive and negative wind resistance
  • 20-25 Year Service Life

Owned and operated in the USA, MAXDoor has a 2-Year warranty, minimal repair costs and readily available components resulting in reduced annual operating and maintenance costs for our customers.

Contact us today to achieve the maximum for your industrial door investment.

The Best Vertical Lift Fabric Door for the Agricultural Industry

The increasing size of today’s farm equipment and over the road trailers requires increasingly larger door openings.  MAXDoor is a self-supporting vertical lift fabric door offered in a variety of sizes and custom made to fit your farming needs:

Designed to live in a tough dirty environment and built for excellent environment separation, MAXDoor offers the following:

  • Satisfies EPA Requirements for Bird and Rodent Control
  • Self-Supporting – Minimum Load on Building Structure
  • High Speed and High Cycle – Ideal for a Truck Vestibule
  • Designed for Heavy Industrial Environments
  • Providing Superior Overall Strength by Utilizing North America Structural Steel Components
  • Designed to be Installed on Interior or Exterior
  • 4”, 6”, or 12” Deep Horizontal Beams Designed to Flex and Proven to be Significantly Stronger
  • Designed to Take a Hit and Survive with Minimal Damage to the Door
  • High Positive and Negative Wind Resistance
  • Explosion Proof Environment – No Problem

MAXDoor Saves you time and money:

  • Less Expensive than Roll Up Fabric, Rubber and Rolling Steel Doors
  • Simple Design Ensures Minimum Operation and Maintenance Cost
  • Optional Weight Counter Balance Reduces Wear and Tear on the Operator and Lowers Maintenance Costs
  • 20-25 Year Service Life
  • 2 Year Warranty with Optional Extended Warranty
  • U.S. Components Utilized – Ready Available When Replacement Parts are Needed

Agriculture plays a critical role in the life of any given economy …Let MAXDoor Fill a critical role for your Vertical Lift Fabric Door needs.

Industrial Door for AgricultureMade in the USA…Contact us today to engineer your industrial door solution!

Make a Better Choice for Your Industrial Doors


Choose MAXDoor  – An Industrial Vertical Lift Fabric Door for the Toughest Environments

MAXimum Strength:

  • Guides and Side Frames made from Steel
  • Wind Load – 3-4 Times Stronger than the Competition
  • Fabric – Choices 18,20,22, 28 ounce
    • Fire Retardant Material
    • Low Temperature Material
    • High Temperature Material
    • Anti-Static Material

MAXimum Cost savings:

  • Longer Warranty Period – 2 Year Warranty
  • Self-Support Steel included with Price
  • Minimal Repair Costs – No Expensive Parts Required from Collision
  • Readily Available Components – From Local Sources

MAXimum Features:

  • Manual Chain Hoist – Grade Level
  • Multiple Control Panel Designs – Relay, PLC, VFD or Custom
  • Weight Counter Balance – Low Maintenance – High Cycle
  • Adjustable Limit Switches – Easy to Adjust – Positive action
  • Increased Drop Protection – Through Redundant Lifting Belts

MAXimum Options:

  • Adjustable High-Speed Opening – Controlled Acceleration
  • Independent Adjustable Closing Speed -Controlled Deceleration
  • Manual Door for Locations without Power or limited Operations
  • Variety of Cycle Options – Door Operator Designed for Actual Usage
  • Custom Control Panels – Built-in Diagnostics, PLC, VFD or Relay Logic

If you want to achieve the MAXimum for your door investment, contact us today to engineer your industrial door solution.

MAXDoor – The Ideal Choice for Small Door Openings

MAXDoorFact Check:   MAXDoors are only for large door openings.

A:  NOT TRUE!!  You are missing the boat on this one. Too many people think that MAXDoors are only for large industrial openings.  In fact, MAXDoors are ideal and competitively priced for the smaller door openings as small as 10 feet in any type of facility (including factories, loading docks, industrial buildings, warehouses and more) and here are the facts to prove it:

MAXDoor PricingVery cost effective compared to rolling steel, fabric or rubber doors. MAXDoors are certainly cost effective for large door openings but we have found the same to be true if you are looking at a high quality roll up door. Here’s a couple reason why:

  • Why pay for a million cycle door when you are only going to open it a few times a year?  MAXDoors can be provide for those door locations that only see a few operations – this reduces the cost.
  • The cost of the MAXDoor can be decreased by using the same type of operator, controls and hardware used on rolling steel doors.

MAXDoor Cuts Energy and Utility Costs on climate controlled buildings. This USA-made vertical lift fabric door can save a company as much as 50% on utility costs.

MAXDoor Wind Load – designed and built for a maintained Wind Load of up to 150 m.p.h. Horizontal beams and 2-layered fabric design gives the door superior strength against the wind.

MAXDoor minimizes your maintenance and repair bills due to the dual layer fabric design that offers many advantages over other industrial doors.

MAXDoor is made in the USA and built for strength using steel and other components made in North America.


MAXDoor addresses your safety concerns. The lifting belt and horizontal beam design limit safety issues in real life collisions with industrial trucks.

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MAXDoor vs The Other Industrial Doors



Knock-Out Fabric Doors (Breakaway)

Rubber Doors

High Speed Fabric Doors

Other Vertical Lift Doors

A major problem with these OTHER roll up, high speed, breakaway, fabric or rubber doors is that they have curtains with single layer fabric or rubber.  This particular attribute matters greatly because those types of doors should only be installed where there is zero to minimal exposure to wind or air pressure.

Gusts of Wind in To Your Building

In fact, door openings on exterior walls never have it so easy!  Because they are always exposed to high wind pressure the single layer of fabric or rubber curtain catches the wind like a sail on a sail boat.  The curtain then rises up off of the floor, or, blows out of the opening resulting in wind getting into the building.

The Solution…Get the Right Door

These fabric roll-up doors have to rely on some other type of device to keep the door curtain in the guides.  Door manufacturers will promote their gadget as a way to minimize this problem.  But in reality, the problem is they are promoting the wrong type of door. The types of doors we have mentioned only promote one feature and do not offer all of the features in one door like a MAXDoor.

Get It All with a MAXDoor

The MAXDoor dual layer vertical fabric door design is the only door that provides you with the following:

The Single Door Solution for All of Your Door Needs

The customer puts their trust in the Industrial Door Vendor because they rely on their expertise.  Your door Salesperson or Door Service company may not know of MAXDoor, so ask them or send them our way.  MAXDoor – the only door that can provide high speed, high wind, high cycle capability for any size door opening.

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Questions About MAXDoor? We Have The Answers!

MAXDoors Made In The USAFAQ about MAXDoorsMAXDoor is a 100% American company.  With over 35 years of experience in the industrial door business, we have built a line of vertical lift fabric doors that are designed for both strength and durability.  American made for industry’s toughest applications, MAXDoors are designed for the most demanding industrial environments.

Let us evaluate your industrial door needs and recommend a MAXDoor that will greatly REDUCE:

Operational and Energy Costs

HVAC System Wear and Tear

  • MAXDoors will decrease the overuse of your HVAC system by decreasing the energy required to cool factories and industrial buildings with loading docks and large doorways or entrances.  We will demonstrate how.

Expensive Maintenance Costs

Wind Damage

Safety Concerns

We are here to answer all of your MAXDoor questions and reduce your overall door costs.   Ask a question or request a quote from or call us at (248) 658-1900.






Best Alternative To Rolling Steel Doors


Here is why a vertical lift fabric MAXDoor is the perfect replacement for your Rolling Steel doors.  Rolling Steel doors are typically the least expensive door you can buy and in the old days were used primarily as security on the front of stores and for fire protection at door openings on building fire walls. These doors typically were manually operated and installed at door openings that did not see very many cycles per day.

History of Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling Steel doors were normally installed at small and medium size door openings (less than 30-ft wide). As time went on, customers continued to ask for inexpensive door solutions for their door openings.  Funding for purchasing new doors is always tight and a “maintenance can fix it” attitude is very popular. Most companies do not compare the high cost of maintenance when purchasing a lesser product over time. And so Rolling Steel doors were provided for a variety of door openings they were never intended for, such as:

  • High speed or high cycle door openings.
  • Energy efficiency or to have minimal operating cost.

Rolling Steel doors became larger and faster even though the basic design of the door did not change.

You can now purchase very large Rolling Steel and Rubber Curtain doors, but they will never match the strength to resist the wind or collision impacts like a MAXDOOR.  The RS and Rubber curtain doors come with high maintenance costs.

10 Ways MAXDoor Can Rescue You from Rolling Steel Doors

  1. SIZE – MAXDoors can be manufactured for any size door opening (Even hangar door size).
  2. STRENGTH – MAXDoors  2-5  times stronger than Rolling Steel doors.
  3. SPEED – MAXDoors operate at high speed (Up to 60” per second).
  4. SAFETY – MAXDoors features a variety of features that are above door industry standards.
  5. CYCLES – MAXDoors are designed for high cycle applications. (Hundreds of cycles per day).
  6. WIND LOAD – Dual layer fabric door panel with internal traveling horizontal beams provide the highest wind load resistance.
  7. MAINTENANCE – MAXDoors simple easy to service design and high quality components, equals low maintenance costs.
  8. ENERGY – MAXDoor high operating speed and 4”, 6” or greater dual layer fabric door panel make the MAXDoor much more energy efficient.
  9. COLLISION – MAXDoor panel does not have any cables, components or devices that are trapped inside the door guides.  If a collision occurs the fabric door panel breaks free from the door guides and are easily put back into the door guides.
  10. Made in The USA – MAXDoor is owned and operated in Michigan, USA.

Contact us today and explore how a MAXDoor can provide all of these advantages and more to your facility.

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Fabric Industrial Doors – What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Safe Vertical Lift Fabric DoorsLearn below how MaxDoor takes the pain away!

Let MAXDoor conduct an evaluation at your facility to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of your current doors.  MAXDoors are designed for the toughest industrial conditions (factories, loading docks, industrial buildings, warehouses, fire stations, military buildings, law enforcement locations, etc.).

  • USA-made MAXdoors are vertical lift fabric doors that can save a company as much as 50% on utility costs.
  • Operational and facility managers are realizing significant savings without sacrificing safety and quality by installing a MAXDoor.
  • In climate controlled environments MAXDoor can minimize overuse of cooling and HVAC Systems leading to replacements of entire units.
  • Made with USA steel, MAXDoor maintains its strength in doors from 10 feet to 100 feet.
  • MAXDoor is built with a dual layer fabric panel and operates like a roman shade allowing the weight and wind load to transfer from the traveling door panel to the door guides at every horizontal beam.
  • Door collisions cost companies a lot of money.  MAXDoor’s horizontal beams are designed to flex and give way when there is a collision.  The horizontal beams are quickly put back in place resulting in minimal downtime and no expense.

In today’s fast paced work environment, MAXDoor, a high-speed vertical fabric lift door offers hassle-free operation, minimal downtime, safety and cleanliness.

You don’t have to HURT anymore!  Contact MAXDoor today for an evaluation and quote on a custom high-speed fabric vertical lift door.