6 Benefits of Investing in a MAXDoor Made in the USA American Owned and Operated

MAXDoor’s headquarters are located in the state of Michigan.  From design to production, our vertical lift fabric industrial doors represent one of the truly Made in America products.  Operations and facility managers are discovering the benefits of installing a MAXDoor at their facilities.

A quality product made in the USA and American owned and operated, here are 6 ways a MAXDoor will save you money.

  1. Low Maintenance Costs – Maxdoor’s simple but durable design ensures minimal costly service calls.  Should a collision occur, the traveling fabric door panels break free.  Simply put the panels back in the door guides and your door is operational resulting in no costly service calls.
  2. Wind Load Capacity – MAXDoors can be custom designed for wind loads up to 150 m.p.h.  Even in very large doors, the horizontal beam design gives our door strength against strong winds.
  3. Door Speed – A standard speed of a MAXDoor is 10-12 inches per second in both directions.  MAXDoors are designed for high cycle applications and hundreds of cycles per day.
  4. Savings on Operational & Energy Costs – MAXDoors have proven to provide as much as 50% in energy savings.  Excellent weather sealing provides a clean environment separation to ensure your facility’s interior remains a steady temperature.
  5. Safety Benefits – The design of a MAXDoor increases safety for your employees.  When a collision occurs, MAXDoor’s horizontal beams are designed to flex and give way resulting in increased employee protection.
  6. Strong and Durable – MAXDoors are 2-5 times stronger than a rolling steel door. Designed for factories, loading docks, industrial buildings, warehouses,airplane hangars and more, the MAXDoor is built for strength using steel guides and side frames.

MAXDoor is here to answer your questions and reduce your overall door costs.  With a 20-25 year service life, investing in a MAXDoor is a smart and economical solution to your industrial door needs.  Ask a question or request a quote from sales@MAXDoor-usa.com or call us at 248-915-5838.

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Nothing matches the strength to resist the wind or absorb collision impacts like a MAXdoor.  This vertical lift fabric door can be custom designed to fit door openings up to 100 feet.  The strength of a MAXDoor is 2-5 times stronger when compared to a rolling steel door. Our door offers a variety of features and is rated above industry standards.

MAXDoors are designed for high cycle operations and are a perfect fit for applications requiring hundreds of cycles per day.  Providing the highest wind load resistance, our door is designed with a dual layer fabric panel and traveling horizontal beams. The dual layer fabric design also makes the MAXDoor much more energy efficient.

Door collisions become a minor issue with a MAXDoor.  With no belts, components or devices to get trapped inside the door guides, MAXDoor is an easy fix when collisions occur.  The fabric door panel horizontal beams are designed to flex and give way.  Simply place the beams back inside the door guides and MAXDoor is operational resulting in no downtime or costly repair bills.

MAXDoor experts are available to address your industrial door needs.  If you want to achieve MAXimum strength and MAXimum cost savings, install a MAXDoor – the made in the USA Vertical Lift Fabric Door for industrial and commercial door openings.

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MAXDoor at Your Chemical Facility-It’s Just Good Chemistry!

There is no doubt that the chemical industry has its share of challenges.  One obstacle can be easily overcome – finding the best industrial door to meet the tough demands at your chemical facility.  MAXDoor – a vertical lift fabric door is the answer. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this durable door stands up in the toughest environments.

Chemical industries today are worth billions of dollars and having the right industrial door – a MAXDoor – in place at the facility site will ensure a smooth and cost-effective daily operation.

MAXDoors at Chemical Facilities

Key Reasons for installing a vertical lift fabric MAXDoor at your chemical facility:

  • MAXDoor can be custom designed for a maintained wind load of up to 150 m.p.h.  By design MAXDoor uses a variety of beam spacing and material to provide a wind load to match the environment.
  • MAXDoors – Made in the USA – can save your chemical facility as much as 50% on utility costs.  Heat loss at a door opening can be significant.  Our vertical lift fabric doors will reduce operating and facility costs at your site.
  • MAXDoor is a tough door for tough environments.  In today’s fast paced environment, when a collision occurs the MAXDoor dual layer fabric design offers many advantages.  When the door is hit, traveling horizontal beams are designed to flex and give way.  No need to call the local door service company! With a MAXDoor, simply put the beams back into the door guides.  This easy fix eliminates costly door repairs and production downtime.
  • Experience significant savings without sacrificing safety.  MAXDoor safety features are above door industry standards.  The lifting belt and horizontal beam design have proven to minimize safety issues in real life collisions with lift trucks and industrial articulating trucks.
  • The service life of a MAXDoor is 20-25 years and up to 5 times stronger than rolling steel doors.

For more information on how a MAXDoor can help maximize efficiency and safety at your facility contact us.

MAXDoor – A Good Fit with the Aviation Industry

MAXDoor is a custom built vertical lift fabric door that stays strong in all types of weather conditions and environmental surroundings. In addition, the MAXDoor has been designed to put safety first. Airplane hangars are a huge investment, and the key factor to an efficient operation begins with the right hangar door.

Immediate access to your aircraft/helicopter is key in all types of weather conditions.

  • Designed and built for a maintained wind load of up to 150 m.p.h., MAXDoor operates like a roman shade allowing the weight and wind load to be transferred from the door panel into the door guides at every horizontal beam.
  • Slick pavement resulting from snow and ice often means collisions at the door opening.  With a MAXDoor, all traveling horizontal beams are designed to flex and give way upon impact. Beams remain intact and are easily placed back into the door guides. With a MAXDoor, there are no expensive repairs or costly downtime.

Hangar doors are important for environmental separation, and you need a door with great sealing qualities.

  • MAXDoor is custom made with fabric overlapping at the door guides providing a weather-tight condition and keeping out snow, ice, rain, rodents, dust and debris.
  • MAXDoor seals tight providing energy savings, especially in climate-controlled environments minimizing overuse of cooling and HVAC systems.

Safety concerns are always critical especially in the aviation world.

  • MAXDoors anti-collision, fully automated, fail safe door control panels minimize the possibility of human error.
  • MAXDoors lifting belts and horizontal beam design limits safety issues when collisions occur.

Your choice of a hangar door plays a huge role in the day-to-day operations at your aviation facility.  Choosing the right door for your facility is half the battle.  Let our experts help you make the best choice in designing a door for your specific application and contact us today.


MAXDoor provides vertical lift fabric hangar doors for large shipyard door openings.  A lot of action takes places inside of a shipyard hangar, and you need a customized door that will address environmental concerns and energy savings.  Extreme inside and outside conditions along with a large door size opening can present many challenges at the shipyard site.

Energy loss and strong winds are contributing factors when choosing the right door for your shipyard.  Doors open and close at shipyards continuously on a daily basis.  A properly functioning and effective door can greatly decrease the amount of energy used to cool or heat shipyard facilities.  In addition, at the hangar wind load capacity is paramount when selecting the right door.  MAXDoors can be designed and built for a maintained windload of up to 150 m.p.h.  MAXDoor utilizes a variety of beam size, spacing and material to provide the wind load required for any environment.

Let MAXDoor provide you with a door that will provide smooth sailing for many years to come.  In the salty coastal environment, you want to get rid of one of the biggest difficulties – rusty bottom-rolling metal doors.  By installing a MAXDoor at the shipyard you will be purchasing a door that will contribute to minimizing annual maintenance costs.  The calls to your door service company will be for planned maintenance – not emergency repairs.

MAXDoor provides doors for extra wide and extra tall door openings.  Here are some of the features provided for a shipyard hangar environment:

  • High wind debris puncture-resistant fabric
  • Tolerates a saltwater environment very well
  • Special purpose fabric including: Radio frequency-resistant, High strength, High/low temperature, Security cut-resistant, Custom blend
  • Secondary brush weather seal – to prevent birds from entering the hangar
  • Weight counter- balance system
  • Modular design for ease of shipment

Contact MAXDoor today to engineer your shipyard hangar door solution.

Why The Waste Handling Industry Uses MAXDoors

A solid waste handling facility needs to have a dependable and high functioning door installed on buildings that store all types of solid waste.  The MAXDoor is a vertical lift fabric door designed and built in the USA and provides intelligence at the door opening. Your collection facility requires a door with low maintenance, high speed operation and built to run 24/7.

MAXDoor, custom made to fit any size door opening, will provide a door that will give you peace of mind because of the following features:

  • Minimum load on building structures
  • Fabric that provides excellent chemical resistance
  • Low maintenance due to unique design and high-quality components
  • 5X’s stronger than rolling steel doors

MAXDoor is extremely low maintenance when compared to other door solutions.  At waste facilities, often government regulations require that doors be kept operational and closed during normal daily operations.  By not adhering to government regulations, a facility can incur costly fines.  Your waste handling facility needs a door that requires little to no repairs.  Downtime costs companies a lot of money.  MAXDoor is designed with lifting belts and horizontal beams.  All traveling horizontal beams will flex and give way if a collision occurs.  The fix is a simple and inexpensive one. With door guides free of any mechanical devices, door downtime due to collisions is minimized. Just place the beams back into the door guides, and the MAXDoor is back in operation.

MAXDoor is one of the safest doors made because the lifting belts are free to travel with a door panel that has been hit. At a waste facility where many trucks are in and out every day, door collisions are bound to happen.  You want to keep your employees and truck drivers operating in a very safe environment and MAXDoor definitely adds to the safety factor.

With years of experience, MAXDoor can design and manufacture a custom door to fit your specific needs at your waste handling facility.  To request a proposal or speak directly to a door expert, call 248-915-5838.  Visit our website at maxdoor-usa.com.

A Maintenance Free Solution

Maintaining an industrial door can be costly.  With a vertical lift fabric door, MAXDoor, your cash output for repairs will be eliminated.  In addition, MAXDoor has a service life of 20-25 years.  In the long run, a maintenance free door equals savings to you and your bottom line.

On your basic steel rollup door, there is a list of items that constantly need repaired or replaced:  lift cables, bearings, rollers, hinges, coil cords, weather seal, door guides.  Not only will you pay the cost for materials buy you will also pay the high cost of labor.  In addition, when your door is down, your business no longer works efficiently, and you lose money.  Repairs and downtime are a very expensive, ongoing expenditure.

Purchasing a MAXDoor saves you money and let’s explain why:

  1. High Wind Capacity – the door tolerates high winds, barely moves, and this eliminates door damage and door repair. In addition, you benefit by having more floor space in your building because there is no billowing of the door or door curtain eating up valuable floor area. MAXDoor can be custom designed and built for a maintained wind load of up to 150 mph.
  2. The way a MAXDoor operates is key to repair cost savings.  The door operates like a roman shade allowing the weight and wind load to be transferred from the traveling door panel into the guides at every horizontal beam. All traveling beams are designed to flex and give way upon impact.  The beams are easily put back into the door guides resulting in zero repair costs.
  3. MAXDoor provides maximum strength. The door panel is built with 4”, 6” or 12” thick double-layer fabric.  The fabric overlaps the door guides to provide a weather-tight seal and maintains a high wind load.  MAXDoors are self- supporting and do not put additional load on the building. Our doors can be installed on the interior and exterior side of a wall.
  4. With the right industrial door in place – MAXDoor – you can reduce energy costs by 50%.  Running a business means doors open and close allowing materials and supplies to enter and exit your facility. Having the best door in place for your needs can offer tremendous savings.  MAXDoor recently conducted an evaluation of a facility using a door 16FT tall and 16FT wide. To get the results of this amazing study (and you will be shocked), contact us at sales@maxdoor-usa.com or call 248-915-5838 and ask for a MAXDoor representative.
  5. MAXDoor offers an option to allow sunlight into your facility with the optional use of a translucent fabric.  The fabric allows more sunlight/daylight into your building.  Not only is your facility brighter with natural light, the sunlight also provides warmth especially in those cold winter months.  Allowing sunlight/daylight through your industrial door equals savings on your lighting and heating bill.

If your warehouse, facility, factory, or workshop could benefit by having a maintenance free industrial door that reduces your energy bills, contact sales@maxdoor-usa.com.  We are here to answer all of your questions and custom design a MAXDoor that meets all of your needs.

MAXDoor Is The Right Fit for the Steel and Aluminum Industry

The steel and aluminum industries have evolved by leaps and bounds.  All aspects of construction today would come to a standstill if steel and aluminum production should suffer in any way.

Strong and durable industrial doors, MAXDoors, are needed at steel and aluminum factories to protect materials and workers from harsh environments both inside and outside of the facilities.  MAXDoors are designed to be installed on the interior or exterior side of a wall and are self-supporting resulting in no additional load on a building structure.

Let’s see why MAXDoor is the ideal solution for your steel or aluminum factory, plant or warehouse.

  • Today the manufacturing process of steel and aluminum is extremely energy-efficient so having the right industrial door at the entrance can reduce costs as much as 50%.  With a MAXDoor, you have a strong, durable and energy efficient door at the loading dock or large industrial doorway that controls the amount of heat or cool air loss at the door opening.
  • MAXDoors are vertical lift fabric doors designed and built for a maintained wind load of 150 MPH.  A variety of beam size, spacing and material guarantees maximum strength in the harshest of environments.
  • MAXDoors maintain their strength in small (10 FT) and very large (up to 100 FT) door openings.  Structural steel components provide superior overall strength, and the horizontal beam design proves to be significantly stronger than the competitors.
  • MAXDoors are low maintenance and improves safety at the door opening.  A malfunctioning door can be a catastrophe at a steel or aluminum processing facility resulting in expensive downtime. When collisions occur at the door site, the MAXDoor traveling horizontal beams are designed to flex and give way when hit.  The horizontal beams are easily put back into the door guides without damage resulting in minimal downtime and expensive door repairs.   Eliminating expensive door repairs results in significant cost savings.

MAXDoor provides many options:

  • Adjustable high-speed opening with controlled acceleration
  • Independent adjustable closing speed with controlled deceleration
  • Manual door for locations with limited or no power
  • Multiple Fabric choices; dual layer fabric; Fire retardant, etc.
  • Variety of cycle operations

MAXDoors are made in the USA.  To achieve the maximum for your door investment, contact us today to engineer your industrial door solution.

The Ideal Solution For Mining Site Operations

Extracting raw materials is necessary for the economy and the human way of life.  It is also necessary to have strong and safe entrance doors around harsh and gritty mining operations.  MAXDoor is a self-supporting vertical lift fabric door ideal for the conditions in the severe mining environment.  Available for door openings up to 65 feet wide and 65 feet high with minimum load on your building structure.

Tough mining conditions demand strong door entrances.  In the dirty, gritty and corrosive conditions of a mine, a tough door is required to handle the daily operation in mining wash bays, crush buildings, pellet plants and truck repair shops.

That resilient door is a vertical fabric lift MAXDoor.  MAXDoors offer full protection from harsh temperatures and high winds.

In a real-life collision, MAXDoor excels.  Large industrial equipment is used daily in the mining industry, and you need to have a door in place that can take a hit and be easy to repair.  MAXDoors simple design has horizontal traveling beams constructed to flex out of the door guides undamaged and are easily put back in place saving hours of downtime and repair costs.

Here are the reasons that MAXDoor is the perfect door solution at the mining operation:

  • High quality, robust design for heavy industrial settings
  • High positive and negative wind resistance
  • Protection from harsh temperatures
  • Excellent environment separation
  • High Speed Operations – 2-3 times faster than rolling steel doors
  • 20-25 Year service life
  • Safety first – lifting belt/horizontal beam design limits safety issues when collisions occur

With over 35 years of door expertise, let our MAXDoor professionals evaluate your door opening needs and offer the best entrance solution to fully support your mining door requirements.

For more information and to obtain a MAXDoor quote for your site, please call 877-436-0302 or contact us.