Customize a MAXDoor With Your Logo Or Creative Artwork

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Customize your MAXDoor with a logo, symbol, words or design.  MAXDoor has developed a unique way to attach your logo or creative artwork to the vertical lift fabric MAXDoor. This is a great feature that can be added at minimal cost.  One of the first visual signs a delivery person, customer or employee will see is your logo or important identifying words on your fabric MAXDoor.  The way MAXDoor is designed provides the perfect opportunity to customize identification labels for each door.  Here are 5 good reasons why labeling your door is a smart move:

  • Visual signage or labeling on a door is easily recognizable and communicates the brand company logo.  Regardless of the language someone speaks, logos and labels communicate universally.  A logo is one of the first things you notice about a business. Our memories work by remembering images first and names second. Very simply put, the primary purpose of a logo or label is to identify.  Having your company logo on your industrial door turns that door into an advertising tool.
  • Labeling the doors at your facility can provide a big advantage to delivery people who frequent your facility.  When you think of the number of carriers delivering goods to warehouses, factories, airports, mines, aerospace and government facilities, you realize how easily items can be delivered to the wrong location. You want the right delivery unloaded at the right door.  If doors are correctly labeled it makes this process so much easier and makes for an efficient receiving operation.  Labeling doors with numbers, letters or words can make daily operations flow much smoother and can be critical for locating a door if an emergency occurs.   
  • Doors play a significant part in people’s safety.  A labeled door can easily identify what is behind it.  Words such as Caution, Danger, Hazardous, Clean Room, Warning will alert a person as to what dangers may lurk if that door is opened. 
  • Logo’s and labels are critical to emergency responders.  Accidents happen and you want to make sure emergency personnel and your own employees are well aware of the contents being stored behind each door at your facility.  This could greatly reduce the amount of damage to your facility and limited harm to your employees.
  • Regulatory compliance is another reason to strongly consider the labeling of doors. Organizations such as OSHA often require proper industrial labeling of areas containing hazardous materials.

MAXDoor is owned and operated in the USA, has a 2 Year Warranty, minimal repair costs and readily available components.  With over 25 years of experience in the door business, let our experts assist you with designing a custom door to fit your specific needs.  Ask a question or request a quote from or contact us directly at 248-658-1900.

DRILL DOWN and Discover a Real Gem



MAXDoors will stand tough in dirty, gritty, and corrosive environments. You need a premium door that is corrosive resistant and strong enough to handle the daily operation in mining wash bays, crusher buildings, pellet plants, and truck repair shops.

MAXDoor offers the following features to ensure your mining equipment is offered full protection from harsh temperatures and high winds:

  • Available for door openings up to 65 Ft wide x 65 Ft high
  • Minimum load on building structure
  • High positive and negative wind resistance
  • Excellent environment separation
  • High speed operation
  • No springs or counter weights
  • Designed for heavy industrial environments
  • 20-25 Year service life

MAXDoors simple design has horizontal traveling beams constructed to flex and give way when there is a collision. The mining industry uses large industrial equipment daily and having the right door in place will be beneficial when the door is hit. Real life collisions prove that the horizontal beams flex out of the door guides without damage and are easily put back into the door guides saving hours of downtime and repair costs.

Made in the USA, MAXDoor is 2-3 times faster than rolling steel or multiple leaf steel vertical lift doors and will substantially reduce annual operating and maintenance costs.

With over 35 years of door expertise, let our professionals evaluate your door opening needs and offer the best door solution on the market today – MAXDoor.

Contact us today or call (248) 915-5838 for a MAXDoor quote today!

10 Reasons To Install A MAXDoor At Your Dairy Farm

Running an efficient dairy farm operation requires protection of your most important assets.  Within your dairy buildings, you need to protect and shelter your livestock, products, equipment and machinery.  With a MAXDoor in place you can rest assured that your resources are secured and sheltered behind a strong self-supporting vertical lift fabric door.

MAXDoors are designed and custom built in the USA offering a variety of sizes to fit the individual needs of your dairy farm buildings. We offer the SD Model for openings up to 30 Ft wide x 30 Ft high in addition to the HD and HD-XL Models for extremely large door openings.

Here are the reasons why a MAXDoor is the best fit to protect and improve the profitability of your dairy farm:

  1. Satisfies EPA requirements for bird and rodent control
  2. Designed to function in tough, dirty environments as well as harsh climates
  3. High positive and negative wind resistance
  4. Excellent environment separation capability
  5. Self-Supporting with minimum load on the building structure
  6. Deep horizontal beams designed to flex and proven to be very strong
  7. Designed to take a hit and survive with minimal damage to the door
  8. Less expensive than roll up fabric, rubber or rolling steel doors
  9. Simple design ensures minimum operation and maintenance cost
  10. 20-25 Year service life

The doors at your agricultural facility need to get the job done on a daily basis.  MAXDoor is a door you can count on for quality, reliability and structural integrity. A door that holds up in tough conditions and keeps working during unique circumstances, temperature extremes and heavy daily use.

MAXDoor is owned and operated in the USA, has a 2 Year warranty, minimal repair costs and readily available components.  With over 25 years of experience in the door business, let our experts assist you with design a door to fit your specific needs.  Ask a question or request a quote from or contact us at 248-658-1900.

3 Key Practices to Maximize the Life of Your Industrial Door

Over the past 40 years automated industrial doors have evolved with many benefits to industrial customers.  The ongoing transformation from the slow, rigid door to the high speed, flexible, vertical lift fabric doors has brought tremendous growth in the areas of productivity and energy savings.  You want your industrial door to give you many years of service and dependability.  When door damage and premature wear and tear occur, ordering a new door doesn’t solve the problem. There are 3 practices to put in place to make sure you get the most value out of your industrial door purchase.

  1. The continuing improvement such as high-speed, high-cycle automation also brings with it the awareness that there is a lot of risk at the door opening.  Four main accidents occurring with industrial doors are entrapment, downward impact, lateral impact and secondary impact.  Forklifts collisions cause a great deal of damage to doors and can easily be prevented by making the driver aware of proper safety protocols. Proper training and communication of door safety procedures are paramount at the industrial site.  Workers need to understand how to correctly operate the door and steps to take should an employee be hit or trapped by the door. It is a proven fact that high-speed industrial door accidents can be greatly reduced if proper safety measures and training programs are in place and effectively communicated to all workers who operate for door on a daily basis.
  2. Regular scheduled maintenance and cleaning of the industrial door is important to the daily efficient operation of the door.  Doors that work properly keep areas separated and sealed off to provide safety and security for employees and products.  Check your industrial door for visual signs of damage or dents, unusual noises when opening or closing, or a stiff pulsing motion. The importance of checking all safety mechanisms such as photo eyes, breakaway features, activation and control switches must be a priority on a regular basis. Proper cleaning and lubrication of rollers, pulleys, etc. is essential to keep these components protected from corrosion, premature wear and moisture. When doors do not operate properly it affects productivity, energy efficiency and ultimately the bottom line.
  3. Leaving industrial doors open in extreme hot and cold temperatures not only adds to your energy bill but it also puts more wear and tear on the door and your work environment.  When the door is left open, it is continually exposed to harsh temperatures and debris resulting in door components and mechanisms prematurely wearing out and resulting in unnecessary repair costs.  Closing the door when it is not in use protects against wind, dirt, debris, moisture and drafts making the workplace a more comfortable environment and protecting the goods inside the building.

In Conclusion

Industrial manufacturers, warehouses, and distribution centers face increasingly intense competition from a rapidly changing global economy. MAXDoor – Made in the USA – is at the forefront of design and technology enabling industrial facilities to increase their productivity, energy efficiency and safety standards. Door automation should be a positive feature for any facility.  With over 25 years of experience, let MAXDoor custom design and engineer a door solution to match your industrial door requirements.

MAXDoor Provides Intelligence At The Door Opening

The MAXDoor vertical fabric lift door offers smart features that will save your facility time and money in addition to addressing your safety concerns. Industrial doors are the gateway to your plant, warehouse, factory, airplane hangar, aerospace complex, military base, police and fire stations and mine operation.  You want an industrial door that can take a punch and continue operating with minimal downtime. The cost of human error can be significant in the industrial arena. MAXDoor is built to take the guess work out of operating your industrial door.

The brilliance is in the design of the door.

  • MAXDoors can be designed and built for a maintained wind load of up to 150 m.p.h. The higher the wind load, the more robust and heavy duty the door components will be on the door. This strength is maintained even in our very large doors. Operating like a roman shade, the MAXDoor allows the weight and wind load to be transferred from the traveling door panel into the door guides at every horizontal beam.
  • Seasonal weather conditions often contribute to more door collisions due to increased door cycles, slick conditions and an increased dark door environment. Door collisions result in big repair bills and costly downtime. MaxDoors are designed to work smart in today’s fast-paced work environment. All traveling horizontal beams are designed to flex and give way when there is a collision. The beams remain intact and are easily placed back into the door guides.  Within minutes the MAXDoor is once again operational resulting in no expensive repairs or downtime.
  • Energy Cost Savings – Having a well-built and properly functioning industrial door for your loading docks and industrial entrance will greatly decrease the amount of energy used to cool a factory, warehouse or industrial building. In climate-controlled environments, MAXDoor can minimize overuse of cooling and HVAC systems.
  • MAXDoors maintain strength in doors from 10 feet to 100 feet and are designed for high speed and/or high cycle door opening demands.  Made with steel and a dual layer fabric panel, our doors are 2-5 times stronger than the typical rolling steel door. All steel and door components are made in North America.
  • Safety concerns are paramount within every work environment. Our anti-collision, fully automatic, fail safe door control panels minimize the possibility of human error. MAXDoors lifting belts and horizontal beam design limit safety issues when collisions occur. Each door comes with a state-of-the-art sensor that reverses the door’s direction anytime its path is blocked…preventing damage and injuries.

Make a smart move today and find out more about MAXDoor. Through years of experience, we have learned how to design and manufacture industrial doors that last.  Each door is custom built in the USA using the best components available and assembled by experienced craftsmen.

To request a quote or to discuss a specific door application, please contact us or call (248) 915-5838.

6 Reasons To Install A MAXDoor At Your Aerospace, Aviation, or Military Site


  1. MAXDoors are engineered to meet the very specific demands of the world-class aircraft manufacturing and aerospace facilities in addition to military aviation bases. Manufactured in the USA and designed to provide a door that meets the great challenges and elevated expectations of the aerospace and aviation industry. MAXDoors are designed for all industrial door openings from 10 FT up to 100 FT!  We are specialists in customizing doors for extremely large openings such as hangar doors and crane-way doors.
  2. MAXDoors can be shipped anywhere in the world. Doors under 40 feet are shipped pre-assembled for ease of installation. Doors over 40 feet are built and shipped in modules making the door easy to fit in shipping containers and easy to install. MAXDoors have been shipped by road, rail and sea and arrive in excellent condition, ready to install.
  3. MAXDoor is a high performance industrial door that serves the aerospace industry by maintaining strength and durability no matter the size of the door. MAXDoors feature a high wind load tolerance that adds to better safety and utility cost control. Suitable for the harshest of environments, this door has been designed and built for wind loads of 150 m.p.h.  In high wind environments MAXDoor uses more robust and heavy-duty components resulting in maintained strength even in very large doors.
  4. MAXDoors operate like a roman shade allowing the weight and wind load to be transferred from the traveling door panel into the door guides at every horizontal beam. Designed to be installed on interior or exterior side of a wall, MAXDoors are self-supporting and do not put additional load onto the building. All traveling horizontal beams are designed to flex and give way when a collision occurs resulting in an easy fix and no additional repair bills. Following a collision, the horizontal beams are easily put back into the door guides and the door is immediately operational. MAXDoors provide high speed, high wind, high cycle capability for any size door opening.
  5. MAXDoor utilizes a dual layer fabric design that offers many advantages over other traditional industrial doors. The horizontal beams in the MAXDoor fabric panel are hidden behind 2 layers of fabric and gives the door strength in harsh environments. We offer fabric choices of 18, 20, 22 and 28 ounce; fire retardant material, low temperature material, high temperature material and anti-static material. In addition, alternative fabric choices are available that are suitable for many building requirements such as safety and security, radio waves, explosion-proof and environment separation.
  6. MAXDoors have been proven to save up to 50% on utility costs. The straightforward design ensures minimum operational and maintenance expense. In addition, our customers realize a significant savings on costly repairs and component replacements. Depending on the door size, a typical door repair costs $1,000.00 to $50,000. Purchasing a MAXDoor will give you a strong, durable, American made high-speed vertical lift fabric door with hassle-free operation, minimal downtime, safety and cleanliness.

Contact MAXDoor today for an evaluation and quote on a door at your aerospace, aviation or military facility. With over 35 years in the door business we can answer all your questions and reduce your overall door costs.

Best Industrial Door for Waste Handling Facilities

MAXDoor provides vertical lift fabric doors for companies in the Waste Handling, Hazardous Waste, and Recycling Industries. Typically, these facilities are using overhead rolling steel doors. This type of door is the least expensive door you can purchase initially, and over time it is more likely to need expensive repairs or total replacement.

Doors at waste disposal facilities experience a lot of maintenance and downtime caused by the environment and accidental collisions. Government regulations require the doors be kept operational and closed during normal operation and not doing so can result in expensive fines. You can eliminate these fines/costs and minimize door downtime by investing in a MAXDoor.

Reasons to make MAXDoor your next purchase for your waste handling facility:

  1. Minimum load on your building structure
  2. Fabric provides excellent chemical resistance
  3. High positive and negative wind resistance
  4. Low maintenance due to design and high-quality components
  5. MAXDoors operate at high speed
  6. MAXDoors are built to run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  7. Up to 5 times stronger than rolling steel doors
  8. MAXDoors can be manufactured for any size door opening
  9. 20-25 Year service life

BONUS – MAXDoors Are 100% Recyclable!

MAXDoor is here to answer all your questions and our expert door specialists will provide you with the best door solutions for your waste handling facility. Ask a question or request a quote from or call us at 248-915-5838.


Now offered by MAXDoor

Built in the USA

Custom Built Durable Rubber Door Systems

  • Save on Repair Costs – Accidents happen and when they involve a rolling steel or overhead door, repair costs can quickly get out of hand.  MAXDoor rubber doors are the perfect fit for the “rough and tumble” work environments of warehouses and manufacturing plants.
  • Minimal Down Time –  If a rubber door is hit, it is back on track in no time.  The break-away bar flexes from the impact, and the rubber curtain pops out of its guides…. with no permanent damage to the door.  Any time your door “takes a hit” the easily replaced breakaway bolts holding the V-shaped brace simply snap away… leaving other, more expensive components totally intact.
  • Custom Break-Away Safety Bottom Bar –  This comes to you pre-installed where the rubber meets the road.  With this rubber door installed at your facility, damage can be repaired… by your own people… in a matter of minutes. All you need is a wrench and a ladder, and you are back in business with minimal down time, service calls, and repair bills.
  • Safety First – In addition to being the most durable door in the business, the MAXDoor rubber door is also one of the safest.  Each door comes with a state-of-the-art sensor that reverses the door’s direction anytime its path is blocked…preventing damage and injuries.
  • Energy Savings – If controlling heating and cooling costs is vital to your company’s bottom line, the MAXDoor Rubber Door can definitely help.  The door is made of a single sheet or energy efficient, industrial rubber…. so the weather stays outside, and your energy costs stay down.


At MAXDoor we believe that building successful, long-term relationships with our customers starts with building great doors.

To request a proposal or discuss a specific application, contact MAXDoor for a quote or call (877) 436-0302.

Military Aviation Base Uses MAXDoor

A Military Aviation Base in the great state of Hawaii recently received and installed a High Wind Load MAXDoor in a building that stores large fire trucks.

The MAXDoor is self-supporting and was shipped pre-assembled (the side frames, door guides, and headmember were all pre-assembled before being shipped) to minimize installation costs and offer an easy application to an existing building.

This type of MAXDoor can also be used for numerous applications that include:

  • Airplane Hangars
  • Fire Stations
  • Loading Docks
  • Storage Buildings housing large vehicles/equipment
  • Mines

Contact us today to learn more about how MAXDoors can help your organization.